We Only Want What’s Best


A Twenty Minutes poem.

We Only Want What’s Best


On behalf of Winter
the commuters said
Could you turn the heat up in this train
and give Winter something to fight about
something to complain about
something to exercise that harsh cold personality on
besides us
Or else
please close the door of this car


On the grounds of Arcadia University, March, 2015.


14 thoughts on “We Only Want What’s Best

  1. I will need to show this poem to my husband. I think no matter what commuter train he has been on in whatever country it has always been either too hot and suffocating or too cold and uncomfortable.

  2. About 30 years ago when I first was commuting they still had trains with windows that opened (no a/c, but a whole lot of heat in winter). You also had to have a pencil to hold the window open as most of them had their springs sprung or whatever. You did get such a nice breeze that way in hot weather. And the heaters worked so well on cold and wet feet…A bit of train reminiscence…

  3. Thank you. I have got so many memories of sitting on a train or on the el in the winter. There is a certain attitude you have to take, this time of year, if you are trying to get to work on public transit!

  4. They still operate those trains from the commuter belt into London. I’m amazed health and safety laws permit them. You can open exterior doors with the train in motion too. They do have little compartments in the carriages though so that’s cool.

  5. I think in the past they maybe gave people more credit for brains than they do now. Or maybe people had more brains. Who knows. I do like those trains with compartments, I’ve been in a couple, and so cozy they are.

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