Vision Impaired


A Twenty Minutes poem.

Vision Impaired


Two men talk in low voices
at the tiny table
in the window
ignoring the block of sunshine
slanting across their outspread sheets
of green-lined paper
covered with numbers
painting a scene
brighter than the sunny afternoon
they don’t see at all

Figures, Numbers, Torn off Edge, 2 Red Dots small

small artwork, about 2.5″ square, mixed media.


15 thoughts on “Vision Impaired

  1. Your collage perfectly complements the poem. I like the sentiment in the poem very much. It is something I observe people doing very regularly, ignoring the everyday beauty and joy of the world.

  2. Thank you. Yes, people are in a hurry and concentrating on many things, and as I get older and get a perspective on how I did the same, I realize – how little any of it mattered. I am trying to BE a little bit more now.

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