Snow in Two Acts

I was planning to do some ironing but I got caught up in Jane Dougherty’s challenge. It’s a shadorma, she says, and it is lined up in syllables of 3/5/3/3/7/5.

Snow is on my mind because of our recent storm.

Now, I will get to that ironing.

Snow in Two Acts

Melting snow
slipping off
hoping for a quick exit
while you look elsewhere.

Falling snow
showed no such remorse
on a whim
making itself quite at home
without being asked.


20 thoughts on “Snow in Two Acts

  1. Wonderful personifications. I’ve never heard of shadorma as a poetic structure. As an English teacher, I’m ashamed. The brevity of the line and the rhythm works really effectively for your sharp observations I think.

  2. Jane’s challenges are always interesting to me. I’m still working on mine (and of course I always have to do some artwork too). I love especially the second verse. (K)

  3. Thank you, I don’t usually like challenges as I feel constricted by them or something, but this one seemed to fit. I really was meaning to get to my ironing but instead… snow poem!

  4. No, I actually like ironing. I really enjoy the whole process as well as the results. I set up the board in the basement, put on my latest audio book, and I really find it relaxing!

  5. I used to like watching the brightly coloured folded pile getting higher and higher, counting each garment and trying to break speed ironing records, but it was just a phase.

  6. It’s interesting, when I was young and wrote poetry I never used any forms. But I like the way it focuses my thought. Haiku is really good because I can’t do too much, which is always my problem with writing and words.

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