A Twenty Minutes poem.


I can see all around the edges
but the center is a blur to me
with a little blank spot
just where midnight would be
if the world presented itself as a clock
Everything segmented off and neatened up
And I don’t know where the time is coming from
the hours emerging and passing along
but I can see them sweeping away and around
and up again
just as clearly as the blue sky above
if I just don’t look at things
straight on


Midnight small

“Midnight” – mixed media.


17 thoughts on “Vision

  1. Thank you. This poem was written for when my eye had lost its central vision, about a year and a half ago, and the collage years before that – funny how things in your life keep informing each other as time goes on and layers add up…

  2. Yes, this was prompted by my retina problems last year, in which I lost my central vision (now repaired and almost as good as it was) – it made me see things differently and I started thinking about it…

  3. Thank you. My eye troubles gave me a lot of food for thought regarding how we see, how we don’t see, and the nature of seeing – with our eyes, and with our brains and spirits.

  4. That must have been a very scary time, Claudia. I’m glad to hear that you have almost returned to your former vision and developed a new way of thinking in the process.

  5. Thank you. Yes, it was bewildering and disturbing in a way I can’t describe – out of the blue, one day to the next, something you have relied on has changed and not for the better. But you are right, I think the experience (I also developed cataracts as a complication and got even more different eyesight from that) made me 1. value my eyesight! 2. realize that there are a lot of ways to see things and we are not all seeing the same world in a lot of ways!

  6. As artists we really rely on our eyesight! You’re so right that we don’t all see the world the same way and I think that’s true for both the physical sight and the understanding of our worlds. That makes for great art 🙂

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