A Twenty Minutes poem.



Would it be nice
to plant some trees along the back of the house
or would it be a nuisance
with leaves to rake
branches falling on the house
tree trimmers needed every so often
roots growing in the water line
sunlight blocked to the living room
squirrels running right up into the attic
and with that
I guess the question is answered

Small house and big tree 6x6 7-15 small

small house and big tree – mixed media, 6″ x 6″


16 thoughts on “Upside

  1. I love the trees in our garden. However, there is one ancient oak that has endless leaves requiring to be raked and which then drops acorns on my head throughout the Fall. Definitely a mixed blessing.

  2. Thank you. It does look like it wants to shelter and comfort the house, doesn’t it?

    I wrote the poem originally when a neighbor had a tree cut down in the back yard and told me that she did it because roots could get into the water lines. The tree was behind the house and the eaters lines come in from the street in front. No danger of that happening. I hate it when trees get cut down, after they have grown for so long, for dumb reasons. And I hate it when I see them planted in places I know they will have trouble in the future – like under power lines.

    I do get quite worked up over trees, don’t I?

  3. Ever since I read that a tree has the lifespan of a human, in many cases (of course many have more, but apparently most live about 70-100 years if in good circumstances) – and since I read, as a child, about all the kinds of tree spirits all over the world – I have felt something about trees that I don’t about flowers, for instance.

  4. The strength and endurance of trees is amazing. They breathe, they move, they live and die. We have trees hundreds of years old here, maybe 400. Around 250 years they form hollows that provide shelter for some of our endangered animals and birds.

  5. We had a tree at our previous house that finally died and had to come down. An oak. The arborist said it had probably started growing in about 1820, and this was 2010. Truly awe-inspiring. I think about little trees now and wonder what they will see if they live that long. Since I won’t!

  6. We loved it (even when a large branch fell and crushed our porch, we forgave ) and when it came down, it was clear the tree was ready to go. Hollow inside. It took a whole day for it to be cut down and was a neighborhood event.

  7. So you decide to plant a tree anyway? We had more than 30 trees on our property when we bought it almost 20 years ago. Unfortunately we had some flooding that killed quite a few. We have had to have quite a few removed and that really cut into our new tree budget. But we might plant one more before we move.

  8. This poem was prompted by thinking back to a neighbor, who cut down a tree in the back yard because it might interfere with the water line (which was in the front yard). I hate seeing trees cut down and for such a dumb reason that wasn’t even true. In our yard we have planted quite a few and it’s been a tradition in each house to do so. I love having trees around the house, myself, I do.

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