A Twenty Minutes poem. It’s another one about our cat Raquel, who died in August, 2015, at age fourteen. She was a quiet presence, but always alert to my doings, and I still miss her very much.


The cat limps along the hall
I hear her heavy steps
(she is quite a fat little thing
and very old)
to come in here
gently nudge her pink nose
against my leg
very politely
but insistently
and when I look down
she looks up
and smiles


Clay tile – white cat with spots. 2015.



11 thoughts on “Unexpected

  1. Thank you. You know, I do miss her, every day. That is not something I have done for each of our cats – I guess she made her presence felt in ways I didn’t recognize then so explicitly but now I am seeing them…

  2. This poem was very evocative and emotive for me. Having just adopted a new cat, I find my mind flitting to memories of pets past. Cats are very special companions. I completely love that tile.

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