A Twenty Minutes poem.


Those little yellow roses in the glass vase look
so much better now
with their little yellow heads that never unfurled
dried up.
The juice of youth and growing and all that freshness
they had when they were still uncut still on the bush
long gone by the time I bought them put them in the vase.
They were dead
but pretending.
Now they look like what they always were
those little yellow roses
once somebody took the snippers to their stems.
It’s just so much better not to have to pretend anymore.

Yellow Bouquet small

“Yellow Bouquet” – mixed media, about 2006.


11 thoughts on “Undisguised

  1. Thank you on both counts.

    When I was sick a friend brought me some roses and I kept them for ages because it made me feel good to be reminded of her, and this poem was a result of that!

  2. Thank you.

    You know, this winter, I have had no flowers in the house, just haven’t thought of them, and so I will be getting some tonight at the grocery, and I will let them get all the attention I can give them. I kind of feel I owe them…

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