Under Siege

A Twenty Minutes Poem.

Under Siege

You opened the door that one time
and my goodness, they have never stopped arriving
from that time to now.
They don’t even knock
since that moment
when with the best of intentions
and hoping against hope for a different result
you opened the door.
Instead you got all of them
sitting at the kitchen table
fingering the mugs in the cabinet
tearing recipes out of your magazines
and everywhere you turn
there they are
Taking up the space in your head
until there’s nothing left for you to do
but hope they’ll get out
because try as you might
they don’t take your hints
but most likely
you’ll have to buy a new house
and keep the address a secret and
don’t open the door.


Strange Neighborhood small

“Strange Neighborhood”, mixed media (around 2000-2002).


11 thoughts on “Under Siege

  1. The rhythm of the poem really helped communicate the rising panic of having personal space besieged by visitors. I love the chaos in the collage too. Both are excellent work.

  2. I am loving this combo of poem story and image. I went through them back to end of December. All charming, delightful, evocative of certain misc feelings. Sweet. Thank you for adding delight to my life.

  3. Yes, you can see from this poem how I feel with too much going on! I made the collage probably 15 years ago and at the time I wondered where my head was, my work was pretty representational then. Now, I say, guess I had a forewarning of where I was going…

  4. You made my day. Thank you. I’m telling you, writing is really doing good things for my head and I am really glad others get something from them, too. Plus, thanks for the art raw materials – forgot to say that, kept meaning to and kept – losing track. Oh well. Thank you! for everything!

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