A Twenty Minutes poem. The subject is our cat, Raquel, who died in August 2015, aged 14. This poem was written in October, 2014.


The cat is old and getting older
day by day
she limps now
and sleeps at the top of the stairs
where we trip over her
and all of us remember
when she was a tiny kitten
soft and fluffy
just a little handful of fur with a pink nose
and yet when I look in her eyes
she looks back at me
with the same calm yellow gaze
as she always has
since we first met


Clay Tile Two Cat Girl Sisters 2011 small

Two cat girl sisters. Clay tile, 2011.


21 thoughts on “Unchanging

  1. I see the ghosts of my neighbor’s cats on my deck now and then…just little shadows of memory I guess. They weren’t even my cats! But they spent their days outside lounging and teasing one another right outside my kitchen, and Geri used to come meow at the door for attention and a visit. I feel the absence very strongly; you capture that emptiness well. (K)

  2. You are so right. We still have one cat, a one-eye guy named Martok. Raquel’s brother Jasper died earlier in 2015, in June, so we lost them both in a short space of time, I think they had lived all their lived together and didn’t want to be apart. Now we do have so many nice memories…

  3. Yes, more and more these day I feel the presence of our other cats from the past, now that we are down to just one. Raquel is the strongest, though, I keep thinking I see her right down the hall or going around a corner.

  4. This reminds me of our old lady cat who died a few years ago. Even as she got older and moved slowly, she was still a princess. She used to like to sleep in the bathroom sink.

  5. Yes, that was Raquel, (except for the sink thing, though I have our one surviving cat who does do that very thing and I think it’s hilarious). Raquel was very serious and dignified and she did not push herself at you, but she quietly made her presence known, and she always gave good advice!

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