There Are Always Perks

A Twenty Minutes poem.

There Are Always Perks

And the boss says
a whole lot of things and with great self-satisfaction
and everyone nods and
backs out of the conference room
leaving the boss to make an appropriate exit
Because as you know
the soloist solos and the chorus choruses
Of course the money’s better, if you’re the soloist
the soloist doesn’t get invited
to the chorus holiday party.


Party at the Pink House small

“Party at the Pink House” – mixed media


26 thoughts on “There Are Always Perks

  1. Thank you. In the end, I don’t have any cosmic insights or important message to send- I just like observing everyday life and I think pretty much everything that goes on in everyday life is funny, ridiculous, or often touching in a laugh through tears kind of way, and I enjoy looking for the meaning behind details that don’t call attention to themselves. Things are not boring in our world , that is for sure.

  2. Thank you. It is behaving now in its final form, or was, I think I gave it to my son, maybe, some time ago, or sold it, anyway, I no longer have it. But I digress. It started off in a very different form and finally I got kind of angry with it and just started sticking paper on the surface and all of a sudden it worked out. Go figure! Inspiration comes in all kinds of ways?

  3. I like that idea. I hadn’t thought of it that way. I was observing some workers at a meeting at the grocery store where I eat lunch a lot and I saw this dynamic going on and I just extrapolated from there. I often was the soloist and wanting to be in the chorus, I think, but on the other hand, I didn’t like to be part of a crowd that much. I put all of this thinking on to this little poem and here is where we ended up. This time!

  4. Thank you. This piece gave me a lot of trouble and I redid it a couple of times. So I think in the end I just gave it all I had (daring it to rebel any more) and so the bolder look. You should have seen it in the beginning – very pale, static, and really out of balance. Well, sometimes it goes like this!

  5. I just love how Art gets to a point where one has to destroy everything that has been built, the life it has, needs to be extinguished, to rebuild it, into a final form. It seems to me that is what you did with this piece. Its great. Thank.

  6. Thank you. I think you have described it exactly, and it has happened to me before in pieces. It is like I had to go through the earlier stages to get to the end, I could not go there directly from the beginning.

  7. You nailed it, Claudia. It’s very dynamic. It is interesting to see the earlier works also, the progression, the artist’s process. Reminder to self also 🙂

  8. So great to have that understanding! Sometimes, when I got to the point that the piece needs to be obliterated, it was a dramatic moment, like I would get really upset about it, angry or whatever, but I would have to risk it if it was going to be worth anything…an artistic do or die moment (lol)

  9. I’ve gone through a lot of phases over the past 20 years or so, and sometimes I look back at older work and I think, I did that? (in a good way). It is rewarding, and also nice to feel that I have a history, a story I have been telling, all this time…

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