A Twenty Minutes poem.


The distant roar of some kind of machine
earthmover, lawnmower, tree chipper –
I don’t know –
but it’s a pleasant sound
being far way
and droning
just below the roar of the trucks
as they shift gears
to move up the hill
on the highway
just over there


Moon and Highway Mountain #2 small

Moon over a mountain of dirt, moved during a highway construction project, Route 309, several years ago.


4 thoughts on “There

  1. Thank you. It was taken very near our house – we walked over to take a look at the construction – it was a hot summer evening a good number of years ago now – and we saw this. Now of course it’s all highway, and the moon and this temporary mountain will never be together again. Glad we saw it when it was!

  2. Leaf blower at 7am on a Saturday morning
    Across the street
    Not so peaceful
    Even in the winter
    The idiot uses it to blow the lite snow off the pavement
    God how I wish they would out law that sound

  3. There is a poem in that.

    And I don’t mind leaf blowers in the distance, we live near a highway so I am used to noise, but I hate the sound of someone playing a radio outside. Just hate it.

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