A Twenty Minutes poem.



The blue night
after sundown but before black dark
When the people in each house all along the street
turn on their lights
but have not pulled their curtains yet
and the bare branches of the big trees
are motionless before the squares of yellow windows
and the view of
the child setting the table in the dining room
while the sound of back door opening and shutting
as someone brings out the trash
rings out flat in the cold silent air and
when you sit on the sofa with your sock feet under you
and read a couple of magazines
and the phone rings and you talk
long enough to get some news
not long enough to be bored
The blue night
that’s when

House at night in a green field 3-15 small

Mail art postcard, acrylics.

10 thoughts on “Then

  1. A magical time of day, so peacefully written. I love your lighted windows glowing in the dusk. 🙂

  2. To me the end of the day is like crossing the finish line after a 5K. I feel relieved to have completed the day and with some success, I hope, and I really like the evening rituals. They let me let go of the day and rest. I find it hard to relax and so having a time of day when it is part of the day, that seems important. And, I love the thought of people all over doing the same things, small everyday things, at this same time.

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