Their Faces


A Twenty Minutes poem.

Their Faces


Two voices mutter
from the radio speaker
interviewer and interviewed
asking and telling
spilling information out along the airwaves
to the little silver radio
sitting here on my desk
and I meet two people
I cannot see and will never see
and yet I’ll think about what they said
tomorrow, or some other day
and their faces
will be that of my little silver radio

Faces 3 8-15 small




13 thoughts on “Their Faces

  1. Voices out of my radio
    I often think about that as I answer posts
    Of people I will probably never meet
    Love the art work
    A little Andy Warhol
    Great work Claudia

  2. Thank you. I feel the same way as you said. People who I will never meet and yet know more of me than pretty much all the people I see around me. It’s the right life for me. That and all the people I meet in books throughout my life.

  3. I often visualise the people I hear on the radio and wonder if they look anything like my vision in real life. I love your little block portraits, so colourful and charming.

  4. No. It is rather a shock when they match up because it is such a rare occurrence. I have the same experience when viewing the film version of a book I have read. I often argue with the casting decisions because the person cast does not match the visual in my head.

  5. Thanks, I like making them. Usually I sell them individually or in small groups but a friend bought a whole array and this is how he plans to display them, I think.

  6. Yes. It’s interesting to think that the pictures I see in my mind as I read are mine only and not always what others see. And I see this same thing happening even in a visual media, my own artwork – I am repeatedly surprised what people get from it I had not intended or thought was there…

  7. I love that about art! My work is less abstract, of course, but I am always fascinated by the things people see or what they focus on and how that differs from my thought process.

  8. I’ll tell you, start selling your work in fairs on the street and you will get an education, fast, in how differently people see the world, as focused through your art work, that you thought you knew what you were doing with it, but – once it gets out in the world, well…!!!

  9. When I was running art shows, it was always interesting to me to observe and overhear people’s varied responses to the art work on display, including my own of course. I remember one year there was a sculptural piece that so many people were ridiculing but an art collector from the city walked into the show and immediately bought that piece. He selected several other pieces too but that was the one piece he grabbed up right away even though to other people it had been viewed as ridiculous. It’s quite fascinating.

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