The Whole Story


A Twenty Minutes poem.

The Whole Story


Leaves fall on the car
parked in the driveway under the tree
I must remember to pull them away from the windshield
before I go
Because if it rains
there will be one
there is always one
stuck under the wiper
you know what an aggravation it is
to drive along
in the rain
watching a dead leaf
swish back and forth
in front of your eyes
Somehow to me
the leaf always seems humiliated
to have come to this fate
I’m embarrassed to watch it flapping back and forth
it’s awfully hard to see the road, too.

Two ladies in an aqua car 6x6 3-14-15 small

Two ladies in an aqua car. Acrylics on board.


11 thoughts on “The Whole Story

  1. This is a true to life experience. And, in fact, though the leaves are gone from the tree now, well, they still seem to emerge from the part under the hood near the wipers, I think they wait there. One came out today and flew off, thank goodness…

  2. There’s a tree near our drive that covers my car in leaves in the autumn and coats it in pollen during the spring. However, in terms of the windscreen wiper issue specifically, the worst thing I had caught was in September: a butterfly! The poor thing was dragged back and forth until it was mangled. My kids were very distressed.

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