Triple Trouble

I don’t usually respond to prompts or challenges, but something about the Tritina challenge at Jane Dougherty’s blog  captured my interest. So I did this item for it, a few days ago. It was fun. Can’t answer for the quality of the results but I can tell you it was fun!

My words were: desk, stupidity, why. They and the poem relate to a situation from the day I was writing, one of life’s short-lived aggravations that seemed large at the time and now has faded into nothing. Except for this poem…

OK, here goes.


Triple Trouble

I hold my head in my hands, elbows on the desk.
It was the last straw. The complete and utter stupidity
of the woman. I resent her muddles spilling out and over me and why

she can’t contain them and rein them in and why
does she present herself here to me, to pour them out to puddle on my desk
in my room in my levelheaded world, and when does her stupidity

become mine? I must fight back. She’s smart. She seeks a sister in this stupidity
and I could fall in with her dim-bulb craziness and not know when or why
until too late. It’s happened before. She grins at me across the desk.

The desk shakes as I scramble on it. I kick the stupidity into the out-box. I laugh and I know why.

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16 thoughts on “Triple Trouble

  1. Thank you. It was fun.It gave me a headache to make it come out and using the word” stupidity” maybe was a hard choice, but – I really enjoyed the challenge of fitting my feelings to a certain format and seeing how that made me think.

  2. I like this rant- like poem. It is interesting to observe how the longer phrases make the line end repetitions more subtle. Glad you joined in 🙂

  3. Thank you. You know, I’ve always liked that technique when I read it in others’ work and this format really seemed to ask for it (especially since I picked a set of words that seemed to want their own space and how!) Thank you for reading.

  4. Thank you! I enjoyed doing an exercise like this and asking my feelings to organize themselves like this – by the time I finished I had worked out my aggravation and had in fact turned happy again. Go, poetry-writing!

  5. This is excellent Claudia. I found this form to be quite a challenge, but you make the words fit naturally. And so vivid, and so true. (K)

  6. Wow! Thank you. I felt challenged by the form and also kicking myself for the words I chose, a little bit, but – I was preoccupied with the real-life situation at the time and it just all poured out. I will say writing about it, well, I was through thinking about it when I finally finished! Cheered me up just great!

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