A Twenty Minutes poem.


Holding the phone to your head and
you hear a stream of words
issued nonstop high speed and directed
at your ears not listening.
At you,
a person completely uninterested
A person who is in fact thinking about
a pair of shoes the stain on the sofa a chocolate cake
the smell of fried chicken the ripe yellow bananas
in the bowl on the counter and
none of these being the topic of what’s coming out of that phone.

Alien creatures talking small

Alien creatures talking. ATC, 2.5″ x 3.5″


15 thoughts on “Targeted

  1. Thank you. I really like the look of print in artwork like this, and also, these old books that I usually use (from our library’s discarded shelf, they give them away or throw them out if no one wants them) usually have nice soft paper that is so nice to paint on.

  2. Sadly, I think we all have to say, been there, done that…I know I have been on both sides. Although I am sure MY conversation is always worth listening to maybe others – not. Guess that is why I have a blog…

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