Take Your Leave

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Take Your Leave

Goodbye, I said today
though your leaving will not be for some time
but from today
well, it’s the same thing as gone
isn’t it
if you’re going to be going?

"Bicycle Parking" - mixed media

“Bicycle Parking” – mixed media


10 thoughts on “Take Your Leave

  1. Do you feel like you are simplifying your art work? These old collages are incredible, and very complex; I feel like now you are economizing more. (K)

  2. Oh, thank you for thinking of me. This poem was actually written about a year ago. I do feel this way about goodbyes, I am of the short and sweet variety, and I have often thought the anticipation of parting is worse than having it happen, but I think that about many things, I guess!. I have had lovely holidays and I hope the same for you, and a very good 2016 to come.

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