A Twenty Minutes poem.


I sit at the table
the room is warm
the light bright
The radio playing music
I cut the pieces of paper and arrange them
as they need to be arranged
with deliberation
here on a dark afternoon
at the beginning of winter
in a brightly lighted
warm room
with pieces of paper on the table before me.


Peace Garden small

“Peace Garden” – mixed media


25 thoughts on “Suspended

  1. Yes, at first I was not sure it was a good illustration but then I decided on it for just that reason – the contrast. Plus I really liked that collage when I made it a long time ago now it is.

  2. Thank you. I had not thought about this collage for a long time (since I made and sold it maybe 8-10 years ago) until I saw it in my computer files, and I wish now I had kept it…although I did see it in the person’s house who bought it ( which does not happen much) and it was set in a good place and well-loved, so… Anyway, I always liked the feeling I had when making this piece and the poem fit it well.

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