Suburban Silence

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Suburban Silence

I’ll be home at the usual time
I heard the man say to the woman who,
sitting behind the wheel of the minivan
he just got out of
at the train station,
wasn’t even looking at him but
was looking at her fingernails
Certainly not listening and
so tonight
he will be home at the usual time
and she will be sitting
at the dinner table not looking
at him but instead
at her chicken casserole and green peas dinner
that he doesn’t like and has told her so
more than once
but that he always eats

Paperdolls Vignette #2 11-14 small.jpg

Two paper dolls. Collage and drawing.




17 thoughts on “Suburban Silence

  1. I love paper dolls and I’ve been making them in one form or another for 50+ years. when I was little I used to make clothes for them, too. I don’t think kids do this anymore. Too bad. It’s fun.

  2. Sometimes people are really revealing of themselves in the most everyday situations, I think. And then it’s easy to imagine them at home or other places, once you sort of find a way into their situation, I think. There is a lot of hurt in everyday life…

  3. oops, I got off track in reading the list and answering! Sorry. Yes, when I make these little people, I make the bodies first and then the face last, and I just sketch on the features, not meaning to give any personality, just what happens. I am intrigued by how just a little detail or change makes an expression and I find myself watching people for this. I have a lot of these paper dolls fun to make while sitting on the sofa at night) and mixing them around makes great little vignettes of behavior. I am still playing with paper dolls, I guess, in this way…Some things never get old?

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