A Twenty Minutes poem.



The wind
Can’t call it a breeze
is nothing but cold
Can’t call it chilly
or fresh
It’s just plain cold
and I don’t like it
especially the way it’s crawling under my collar
and settling in around my neck
which is what my scarf should be doing
but isn’t


Odd-eyed woman with a spotted neck. Clay tile.


15 thoughts on “Substitute

  1. Like that wind that somehow gets under the door and through the gaps in the windowframe…I know that wind, and hope it will visit somewhere else! (K)

  2. I am the same way. Last year I bought this thing called a reversible polar fleece buff, for running, but I use it for everything now. Better than a scarf and can turn itself into a hat. I should do a commercial.

  3. I can help you. I mentioned this to someone else. I am swearing by the Buff polar reversible. I got one for running and I wear it now ALL THE TIME I AM OUTSIDE in the cold. And I have 2 now. In case one is in the wash. Yur neck will never be cold again and you can use it for a hat too, it stretches all over. Just saying. (Great gift idea)

  4. I will need to look into that. I am a big fan of scarves and have loads of them but sometimes there is a gap between the scarf and the coat and the chill wind always finds that gap.

  5. Well, the buff has eliminated any gap. I mean it. I really LOVE it and I also was always being irritated by that nagging cold spot being out side. I also got one for my son which he wears riding the bicycle which he does a lot, and he says the same thing. DDon’t get the regular buff, get polar reversible fleece buff.

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