Social Graces

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Social Graces

The uneven steps
will never be fixed
because no one thinks it important enough
and they are not dangerous
if you pay attention
and hold on to the handrail
and they are in the basement
that’s what basement stairs
are supposed to be
painted an unappealing color
and surly step-sisters
to the polished wood steps
grandly leading the way
on a more desirable floor


Basement Steps #3 small

Yes. These are the basement steps in my house and the inspiration for the poem. It’s their moment of glory, in a strange kind of way, because the upstairs steps are getting no attention this time, are they?




10 thoughts on “Social Graces

  1. Poor “surly step-sisters”! Kept away from the “more desirable floor”–while Cinderella is probably up there having a ball. Loved this.

  2. Once your mind starts making associations, well, there is no stopping it. I’ve always been good (bad) with puns and double meanings, always enjoyed them, so, it comes all too naturally!

  3. Thank you. I have always felt for basement steps because they are always given so much less finish, and of course it makes sense, but still, they are needed just as much…useful and ugly, not fair!

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