See Me


A Twenty Minutes poem.

See Me

Surely some number of those passengers
sitting on the commuter train
as it rumbled through the grade crossing
or maybe only one person
just one
looked out the window and saw me
a nondescript woman wearing glasses and an orange sweatshirt
standing well behind the crossing gates
waiting for the train to pass
And surely some fraction of that number of passengers
or maybe only one person
noticed me
And possibly one or two of that number of passengers
or maybe only one person
just one
Wondered how I came to be standing there
How much further I would be walking
Why did I chose to put on an orange sweatshirt this morning.
But it’s very likely none of that number of passengers
not one person
not even just one
gave me any thought
though if I’d been riding the train
I feel sure
I would have been
just that one person

I Saw It From the Train Window small

“I Saw It From the Train Window” – mixed media


24 thoughts on “See Me

  1. I’m looking at that painting on my wall right now!!

    On Wed, Dec 9, 2015 at 6:59 AM, Claudia McGill Writes Poetry, Did You Know

  2. Extra great illustration. Every once in awhile I’m waiting to cross the street, and someone on a passing bus meets my gaze, as I am always staring at people places and things and wondering about them. Same from the inside out of subway or bus. It’s an interesting feeling, and rare these days, as so many people never look up from their devices. (K)

  3. Thank you. I pass through a rail crossing on the trail I go to so often and when I have to wait for the train I think of things from my side and then I imagine myself being on the train, how that feels, etc. I like the feeling it gives me of being two different people at once.

  4. I am always the one with my nose stuck to the glass looking out. I always take a book with me, but I never read. I get very caught up in what is going on around me and I never understand why I am usually the only one. Maybe people don’t want to risk encounters or whatever but I think they miss a lot of fun things.

  5. Interesting. I am a people watcher whenever I find myself being idle somewhere (not often these days) and I imagine what that person’s life is like, what their struggles and joys are, all those funny little things that make a person an individual. I wonder if all creative people have their imaginations on the go so much.

  6. I think not, actually, I think you also have to be sensitive to people and I think most people are not tuned in this way. I have always found it almost too easy to empathize and to get involved in others’ frameworks, but on the other hand, I really enjoy every encounter more, too, I think, because of this.

  7. That’s how I feel. Although I guess you could say reality is what you make it, I just don’t buy it, not in that sense. If it were, there is an awful lot of reality out there going unclaimed…

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