Safe Here


A Twenty Minutes poem.


Safe Here


The old wooden chair
The seat scarred
The back paint-spattered
Why are you still here
in this room
when so many others
your age or even younger
have loosened joints
legs shaky
presenting a face to the world
that’s faded and worn
or even worse
fallen to bits
destroyed by use
There is no answer for that
so let’s just say
it’s because
I like this chair
it seems to like me
and it will be safe with me
as long as it wants to stand there



Misc. - Chair and Cat small

chair and cat.


20 thoughts on “Safe Here

  1. If you see something you like, just email me – . Or I’d say, come to my house, but I know that would be kind of hard for you! The things I post on the art blog are current at the time I post them and so I usually still have them around – the ones on other blogs are pulled from images of things I made in the past and most of them are sold or given away although not always.

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