Prudent and Worth Every Dime

A Twenty Minutes poem.

You pass her thirty times a day
That co-worker of yours
sitting at her desk
raining all over the papers
invoices, transcripts, whatever it is she’s got there
in a steady downpour of sulk.
Her relentless ill-humor
is as efficient as a day-long drizzle
in casting a cloud over those square feet
she occupies Monday through Friday
You wish you could avoid the bad weather
but she’s on the route
to everywhere else in the office
so you’ve taken the step
of investing in an umbrella
of thoughts
of a sunnier climate

Lavender - faced lady small

lavender-faced lady – mail art postcard, acrylics, @ 8″ x 5″






12 thoughts on “Prudent and Worth Every Dime

  1. Your poem instantly reminded me of a former teaching colleague who was never happier than when she was moaning and groaning or peripherally attached to some terrible drama or tragedy. I love your phrase “steady downpour of sulk”.

  2. There is one in every office. Almost seems to be required. Loves controversy, sad news, and gets angry for no reason. I can think of several people from my office years that make the person in this poem look cheerful, but luckily, I am a one person show now! I avoid this problem!

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