A Twenty Minutes poem.


My navy wool coat
calls for a red scarf
But I have two scarves
one orange
one yellow
already. Are these
the opening words
of a math problem
in a third grade text book?
Are the student
and a pencil ready to set numbers to paper
as soon as the question is posed? But
what equation
could this student derive
to answer my question
which is:
Do I want to buy a red scarf?

Scarves made for Chase the Chill, Easton, PA, 2012.

Scarves made for Chase the Chill, Easton, PA, 2012.


19 thoughts on “Problem

  1. Yes to the scarf. As I sometimes tell my sixth-grader, I can tell you the answer even if I can’t figure out how to make the equation. 🙂

  2. I have done it and many more, to tell the truth. I knit a lot in the past, not much now, and I made dozens of scarves in particular for this group, Chase the Chill, some of them red!

  3. Knitting needles a knotty koan –
    Which came first the knitting or the needle ?

    Some are scarved for attention. 🙂

  4. I think the red gloves poem lays serious groundwork for the argument in favor of buying a red scarf. I things matchy-matchy as a friend of mine says. I am currently knitting myself a red scarf even though I have purple gloves. I believe everything goes with purple.

  5. Yes, a matching set is nice. I am not kind with them, though, as I lose things a lot and then there are orphans, so I have adopted the idea of making a virtue of necessity and so I am very colorful. I personally love purple and red together. I am also a big fan of purple, although I tend to the periwinkle/ blue end of it rather than the red.

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