A Twenty Minutes poem.



Blue. Gray.
Night arriving
Light snow falling
look at that sky
Blue. Gray.
Cold. Where is your hat
left at home and sorry, yes
but watching my feet is what I am doing now
ice patches and more coming
if the
Blue Gray
has anything to say about it
and I guess it will say plenty
Light snow falling
night falling
I’d make a joke and say
I don’t want to be falling
I’m a bit afraid
of Blue. Gray.

Gray skies and bare trees 3-14-15 small

Winter trees. March, 2015.




6 thoughts on “Presence

  1. I love the mood created by the repetition. And I know that feeling of watching my feet on slippery ground!

  2. Thank you. I have some balance issues and so I am very fearful of falling (which I do often enough that it’s on my mind in many circumstances most people would never think of, like in a hotel lobby tripped by carpet!) So I pay a lot of attention to the ground and in the winter, especially!

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