A Twenty Minutes poem.


If I put out the stale bread
I feel sure that the raccoon
will come along the side of the house
in a quiet purposeful sidle along the bricks
and, looking around, grab the crusts with his little hands
gulp them down
and off
just like he did that afternoon
I saw him in the summer.
If he’s still around.

Aristocratic animal small

Aristocratic animal. Mail art postcard, @ 4″ x 6″.


11 thoughts on “Prerequisite

  1. I once opened the door at yelled at one washing his hands in the water I leave out for the neighborhood cats. He just looked at me with contempt and kept on washing…

  2. People think they are cute animals, but – they are quite the opposite, very opportunistic. I am not surprised by the “contempt” part…I’ve seen the same thing with ones around here. They just stare at you.

  3. I don’t know if my backyard is the wild, but it’s close enough I guess! Racoons usually are out at night, so daytime sightings are not easy. If you do see one don’t be fooled by his cuteness and approach. They are ill-tempered despite their looks…

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