A Twenty Minutes poem.


out of the upstairs bedroom window
I see just the thinnest layer of snow
outlining the rim of the neighbors’ chimney.
I don’t know how it got there
since to me it seems
looking out the of the upstairs bedroom window
the snow floats in the air
appeared out of nowhere
going I don’t know where
a swirl of whiteness not pausing but
traveling right through the
picnic table
trash can
ladder lying out in the yard
Disappeared to
Materialize elsewhere
like ghosts do
walking through walls you know
I see no snow here in the upstairs bedroom
so I’ll strike that idea.

"Red With White Snow" - tiny acrylic painting about 2" x 3"

“Red With White Snow” – tiny acrylic painting about 2″ x 3″


9 thoughts on “Paranormality

  1. Thank you. Some time back I made a lot of these tiny paintings out of leftover matboard pieces, cut up small because they were failed or unused mats for paintings, etc.

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