Is It Only a Dream

Last night my husband went to a meeting. I was going to use the time to clean up the studio but instead I got engrossed in some collage poetry. Oh well.

Here is the one that I finished. I have others in a state of creation and so – the studio may wait for its cleaning a little longer.

“Is It Only a Dream”

Is It Only a Dream

the shadows and I
walked back through the cold night
dreamy after dinner,
The future very slender, very narrow,
invisible by daylight
alive in a portrait painted by the mist


6 thoughts on “Is It Only a Dream

  1. I love this. Each line is a treasure, and the color is beautiful. I am inspired to try a little paint with my poetry!

  2. Thank you. I paint backgrounds, usually postcard or ATC size, as I’m doing my regular artwork – leftover paint on the brush cannot be just washed away in my house! Then when I feel like it I will use them in a session of collage poetry writing like this. Very freeing to the mind!

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