Odd Friends But We Are

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Odd Friends But We Are

Since when did
visiting the dentist become a visit
I think it was sometime around the fifth year or so
and the same cast of characters still in place
dentist hygenist receptionist
and how are you and your family all around and
the broken foot and children growing up and
all along the teeth in all our mouths are aging and needing work
yes, even the dentist’s teeth and
it just happens to be my turn today.
I can visit, yes, I can do that
even with a dental pick doing its delicate work
you’d be surprised how much I can say
and of course I can hear.
Things are made right by the time I leave
We are all up to date
and I know I can count on
every four months at
if the time is open
one o’clock on Wednesday afternoon.
I take the little sample
case of unwaxed dental floss
toothpaste. They are
Party favors.
Until next time.

mail art postcard.

mail art postcard.


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