The Author Fair and Me

I participated in our local library system’s author event on Saturday. Held in the Elkins Park library, there were fourteen or so of us settled in at tables with our books. I’ll apologize in advance for not taking any pictures of the actual fair, a surprising omission until you realize that once I got in the door, I started in talking to patrons and my fellow authors, and I forgot all about pictures.

A nice array of subjects were represented. Poetry, self-help, biography, mystery, inspirational, art, and children’s books – lots to choose from. I made it my business to talk to everyone I could – I was very curious about what each person chose to write about and why. I think that’s really interesting and it’s not the kind of thing you get to find out when you buy books just off the shelf.

My husband helped me get things set up and later on he, my son, and daughter-in-law stopped in to visit and look around.

A really nice day. This was the first time I’d ever been to an event and called myself an author. Loved it!


10 thoughts on “The Author Fair and Me

  1. Thank you.! I really enjoyed it. I’m used to going to art fairs but not this kind of thing. I felt very affirmed, to use a trendy kind of phrase, but it did make me feel like an Author!

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