Not My Fault

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Not My Fault But

If only squirrels wouldn’t run out in front of cars
I would not have had to swerve
to avoid the remains
of this particular one
and therefore hit the pothole
that I did hit
and do something bad to my tire
and then need a tow truck
a big bill for the rescue of my car
and its subsequent repairs
which I could only blame
on the thoughtlessness of that squirrel
that I didn’t even hit myself.

"Hand of Fate" - mixed media

“Hand of Fate” – mixed media


5 thoughts on “Not My Fault

  1. I love this take on the butterfly effect and chaos theory. My oldest son says our conversations are like this: we end up talking about some big subject (today’s example was unequal access to HIV medications) and then he has to track back to find what small morsel of conversation segued and snowballed until we arrived at the big subject.

    I love your collage!

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