Not My Concern

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Not My Concern

All the cars in the parking lot
wait in the heavy rain
offering no sympathy
to the woman
struggling with the door lock
of a gray minivan
Her hairdo ruined
Her wet grocery bags splitting
Their grille-and-headlight faces smug
as they wait in the heavy rain.

"This Rain is Not Helping My Hairdo" - ATC, paint on cardboard.

“This Rain is Not Helping My Hairdo” – ATC, paint on cardboard.


5 thoughts on “Not My Concern

  1. Oh I empathise with that woman in the rain. As someone who walks everywhere I possibly can, I have been soaked to the skin many times as people drove past in cars looking at the kids and me as if we were crazy and sometimes splashing us with puddles. Of course, I don’t have a hairstyle to ruin so there is that.

  2. Ditto exactly. Sometimes I wonder why we hate rain so much when it’s really pretty harmless, but, then there are those wet feet and soaked collars that do bother me…

  3. Well I formed a loathing for cold winter rain in Scotland. Walking back and forwards in that every day when it was so relentless (it once rained to varying degrees non-stop for seven weeks) it was very easy to hate the rain. The rain here, however, is much less frequent and the air at least is often much warmer to take the sting out of it and stop it chilling me to my marrow. When it gets cold here, the rain turns into snow.

  4. Yes, the winter kind of rain you describe is dispiriting to say the least. I like running or exercising in the rain in the summer – you get all wet but it’s warm and you don’t care, and it feels nice!

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