Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon, Day 4

Today’s session took me to the Wissahickon Valley Public Library in Blue Bell, PA. Once again, this library is not on my usual round – it’s maybe 20 minutes from home. I don’t think I’ve set foot in here for 15 years, although I get books from them through our county system. So, it was a bit of an exploration to come to this library today.

Wissahickon library 10-29-15 small

The library is housed in a former store along a busy road. Thirty-plus years ago when I moved to this general area, this location was out in the country and this library did not exist in this spot. I can remember driving in this area for work and it was quite open. Now it’s pretty built up, and yet some landmarks remain, such as a local restaurant down the road a bit. And then there are some new sights…

tower poetry blog #3 10-15 small

Anyway, I set up in a nice desk near some big windows. It was a peaceful and calm place to work, and it had a good effect on me, I think.

Here is today’s information:

21 poems

1933 words

And today’s selection, right out of my mind and onto the paper:


In the afternoon
the light slants in the window
fading the red chair
a little more each day.

Sit in the red chair
next to the window and read
stifling a yawn behind your hand.

The afternoon wears on
as you turn the pages
sitting in the red chair by the window.
Pine needles collect
on the outside sill.

The ivy covers the trunks
of the pine trees
outside the window
like a sock covers a leg.
You read until dinner
sitting in the red chair.


10 thoughts on “Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon, Day 4

  1. I like the soporific rhythm and imagery combining in this poem. It’s really effective. It also makes me want to nod off in a cosy chair while reading a book.

    You certainly are doing a tour of libraries on this marathon!

  2. Thank you. I read a lot in and a nice chair is the ultimate environment for it.

    Yes, I look for places I can sit a while and not be a bother – cafes are nice but you can only take up a table so long. I think I’ll be at the grocery store café today, though, they don’t care if you sit all day!

  3. We have a lot of libraries around, being in the suburbs of a large city, and each one is similar and yet has its own personality and ways. I enjoy the Marathon for getting me to go out and try out new ones or return to favorites.

    The poem came from watching a lady sit in a chair at the library reading. Some real, some a story I made up. It was so quiet in the building and that and the low sun coming through the windows brought up a lot of thoughts…

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