Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon, Day 2

Today I went to the Horsham Township Library. It’s about a 25-minute drive from my house.

Horsham library #2 small 10-15

I have never spent time here, though I’ve stopped in once or twice. It’s not on my daily regular route. I do, however, have a lot of familiarity with it for a couple of reasons – it’s right next to the Power Line trail, where I often exercise. Also, I get books from this library all the time through our county-wide affiliation, though I pick them up at Glenside, my local library.

Anyway, I chose this location as a chance to try out the place. It’s a newish building, less than ten years old, and beautifully bright and open.

Windows everywhere and very comfortable. I set myself up next to a window looking out on the natural grass area.

I seemed to have my thoughts together somewhat better than yesterday and writing flowed more easily. Maybe it was because I had settled myself down in the company of a lot of poets and other writers?

Horsham library #3 small 10-15

There is something about being around a lot of books that really makes me feel at home and happy.

Horsham library #4 small 10-15

Today’s progress:

21 poems

2138 words

And here is today’s chosen poem. Remember, it’s in its newborn state.


The fire at the county club
started in the basement. Rushed up the stairs.
Consumed most of the roof the remainder of which
fell in. The ballroom
is open to the sky.
The wedding scheduled for next weekend
must be moved elsewhere
The firemen
stayed on the scene for two days. They
were not on the original guest list.


5 thoughts on “Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon, Day 2

  1. I can see the fire rushing up the stairs like a person.
    And I know what you mean about the happiness of being surrounded by books. The best feeling for me is to have several scattered, open, over my desk. 🙂

  2. Being around books and words is always inspirational, even the smell of them. I’m glad they could act as your muse today. I like the wit of the uninvited guests: the fire and the firefighters.

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