Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon Day 1

Day 1 of the Autumn Poetry Marathon is complete. I spent the afternoon at Chestnut Hill College, a small school about 15 minutes from home. I’ve worked here before – I was here in the summer.

CH College 10-15 small #114.

This session, the students were at school, so I had company in the large reading room of the library.

Library CH 10-15 small

I like this room a lot. The open airiness appeals to me. It was a bit warm today with the heat on, but someone opened some windows and that was just right. Plus, I could hear the shouts from the lacrosse game going on outside.

Today’s work? I wrote 19 poems – 2115 words. That’s about the same as I have done in the past. I did start off slowly today – I needed to get into the swing of it. But I soon felt more warmed up, mentally.

As I have done in the past, here is one poem from today. Remember, I just write as I go and I don’t edit, so – it could be a little rough. I’ll do a big editing job when the whole Marathon is over, but for now, here it is.


The dirt-streaked window
The low sun slanting through
The dead fly
caught between the screen and the glass
dimmed and filmy and yet
casting a shadow
far bigger than he
ever made in life.


11 thoughts on “Autumn 2015 Poetry Marathon Day 1

  1. I just open my mind and let the thoughts flow out. Of course they take some arranging and later on to make them more coherent, lots of times, but then, lots of times, they stay as they came out. I love this process. What a good thing for my mind to clear it out like this.

  2. Thank you. Well, they are pretty rough and will need work later on, but I am surprised sometimes when I go back and they can be surprisingly “finished” I really enjoy this process of letting thoughts flow.

  3. Thank you.

    I love CH College, I’ve made quite a few visits over the years. The buildings are amazing, they have a nice labyrinth I like to visit, and the main hall with that giant open space is astounding, I try to stop in when I’m there just to gape. The whole place is more lively now with students around and the trees etc look great. So pleasant!

  4. When the current marathon is over, we should make plans to meet up! Maybe somewhere in Chestnut Hill, since it’s so close for you. It’s a cure little town; I’m sure we could find a coffeeshop-type establishment worthy of our patronage?

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