No More Time

A Twenty Minutes poem.

No More Time

The half-dead tree might have thought
it had more time
time to take its leave at its own pace
but its unfortunate choice of location
thirty forty years ago
has made it a danger to the suburban ranch home
that wasn’t there thirty forty years ago
but is now
and the owners have decided
the tree is a menace
any storm could topple it
they say
and so they have called in the tree surgeons
just now driving up
in their heavy snorting exhaust-spouting truck
filled with instruments
not of restoring health
but of execution

Old tree. Ambler, PA.

Old tree. Ambler, PA.


17 thoughts on “No More Time

  1. I can so relate to this…..of course, execution in my neck of the woods isn’t always the guy with a chainsaw….sometimes it’s the flickers and the woodpeckers that bring on certain death.

  2. Yes, I see that here too. Especially out in the woods in the parks I go to so much. We have a birdhouse made of a hollowed out portion of a log with a face carved into it, and woodpeckers have really gone to town on that thing. Even in our own back yard and the tree no longer alive! It’s all about the INSECTS, right?!

  3. For some reason I really feel for trees in this situation. It seems so much an illustration of how changes over time eat into assumptions made so long ago, things that we thought would be permanent, or that we could control…Thank you for reading.

  4. Thanks. It’s just a regular old dead tree located in Ambler, PA, on the street. I glammed it up a bit. I do like the look of dead trees. You can see exactly what they are and were.

  5. Thank you. I feel for trees. Ever since I learned trees have about the lifespan of a person, I have felt more for them and their stoic endurance. This tree was just an ordinary dead tree along the street but I liked the shape of it and I tried to do something with it in the photo.

  6. sad to say goodbye to a tree. We had 2 white maples that we had to have taken out as they were literally falling to pieces. We had a big flood almost 10 years ago and quite a few of our trees have never recovered.

  7. In our previous house we had an oak tree that had to come down (after we had moved, but we only live a mile away, and our neighbors told us about the event, since we were out of town when it happened, or I would have gone and watched). The arborist said the tree was born about 1840 and came down in 2010, I guess, can you believe it?

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