Missed the Point

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Missed the Point

You see the grocery store
full of hurried people
moving in patterns that cannot be
deciphered or predicted.
You see anxious faces.
You see hands clutching lists dragging children who are
snappish and sweating in their winter coats.
You see check-out line-standers
behind overfull carts of food
You see peeved expressions
punctuated by threatening mutters
here and there
but it doesn’t come to anything.
Seven o’clock the night
before the holiday dinner tomorrow
the idea being to give thanks and
the children’s clothes still have to be washed
and the pie made. That’s what you see.

"Holiday Mood" - collage/mixed media

“Holiday Mood” – collage/mixed media


12 thoughts on “Missed the Point

  1. I can relate to the experiences and feelings of your poem. That is when my control freak nature comes into its own because it is rare for me to be last minute around the holidays because I get myself organised. It is still mighty stressful to be the one in charge of bringing “holiday cheer” though. I absolutely love your collage.

  2. Thank you. I made it maybe 15 years ago. It’s a house near where I live. I remember the day – snowing and cold outside, warm inside and cozy, like I think the house looks.

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