Lowbrow I May Be But I Know What I Like

A Twenty Minutes poem.

Lowbrow I May Be But I Know What I Like

Oh, that sassy little section
right there
in the middle of the tune –
Not a tune a symphony you say –
and I say
Tune is what you say
if it has a sassy little section
that’s getting too full of itself now
as I listen a little more
But wait –
now it’s been interrupted by intruders
insinuating themselves in and taking over
flowing along in a sticky kind of way, yes, that is it,
syrupy, and bogging down.
Let’s get some action here
I think that’s what this other part’s trying to say
but its feet are stuck
That’s why there’s that pause. It catches itself
and is trying something else.
– A new movement, you say –
Darn right and about time, I say
listening to hear if the sassy little section
makes its way back again.

"I Travel Through Life to the Sound of a Tune" - mail art postcard.

“I Travel Through Life to the Sound of a Tune” – mail art postcard.


6 thoughts on “Lowbrow I May Be But I Know What I Like

  1. I love that mail art postcard. I really like your use of rhythm and cadence in your poem which is obviously apt given its subject. Also I think anything can be improved with the use of the word “sassy” so I liked the way you deployed it throughout the poem as its very own sassy little section.

  2. Thank you! What nice things to say. I listen to WRTI and I don’t know anything much about classical music, but I enjoy hearing it, so that’s where this came from. I like the word “sassy” too. On its on it’s kind of perky, but I also think of how the verb was used in my childhood – I was always getting in trouble for sassing my teacher, parent, whatever. Meaning I was questioning someone in authority. Sort of “how dare you challenge me?” connotation. So I enjoy the rebellion implied in the word “sassy”!

  3. I love your poetic interpretation of the music. The section with the syrupy intruders is simply brilliant. I know what I’m going to try tomorrow…

  4. Thank you! I started listening to our classical music station when I developed tinnitus as a result of antibiotics – someone told me it would be beneficial. Two years later I am hooked, though I know nothing about the music. I just like it, and I find it really makes all kinds of pictures in my mind that other styles don’t. Funny how life works! Thanks for what you said about the poem – made my day.

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