International Incident

A Twenty Minutes poem.

International Incident

Imagine the bewilderment.
We’re eating in a Japanese restaurant
located in a strip center in non-Japanese suburbia
The waitress in this restaurant
is a lot better at speaking Japanese
than non-Japanese
I only speak the language of non-Japanese suburbia
though it’s useless here
in the Japanese restaurant
I don’t understand anything
inside this menu
and so the waitress struggles to meet my bewilderment
with her bewilderment
and I get a bowl of soup that looks
back at me and says
You have no idea of my name and yet you are ready to eat me
and I laugh in its face
so imagine the bewilderment
of the waitress

Waitress and Diner small

“Waitress and Diner”


5 thoughts on “International Incident

  1. It’s a defence mechanism,the less they hear the less they have to inter act
    I bet if you would of pushed harder that person would of known exactly what you wanted
    I do it all the time
    Especially when I’m in New York
    As always Sheldon

  2. You know, this poem refers to a specific lunch, although I’ve had the experience more than once. This lunch, like all the others, turned out great. Maybe because I had no expectations and no idea what I was doing, so it all seemed very adventurous and therefore a lot of fun.

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