In My Bones

A Twenty Minutes poem.

In My Bones

Raw and windy damp, that is what this morning is
Putting on my gloves before I even leave the house
is an act of forward-thinking
that comes without even thinking
when I look out the window
and see
the bushes snapping and the cold dark sky
and hear
cars swishing along
the slick streets
Before I even open the door
I know. I know.

Through the windshield GL 3-20-15 small


3 thoughts on “In My Bones

  1. Ha! My kids and I were just talking this morning about how back home in Scotland I was automatically packing our waterproof layers in their school backpacks. We once had seven weeks of non-stop rain. I do not miss the Scottish climate on bit. Anyway, your poem is very evocative and captures perfectly a grey and rainy day.

  2. Being tucked up inside is lovely and snuggling on the sofa in our jammies. Shoveling snow, not so much. Still I prefer winters here to in Scotland. From Autumn all the way to Spring was just relentless rain and biting wind on the west coast and winters are, of course, so dark there. We walked to and from school in the dark. I like having daylight winters here.

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