I Have a Long Memory

A Twenty Minutes poem.

I Have a Long Memory

Bus number 4529 en route to downtown
pokes along in front
of my windshield
blowing diesel smell in front
of my nose
Interfering with
my pleasure in driving along this road and
I make a mental note.
I don’t forgive
that kind of thing.

These buses are from Pittsburgh, PA.

These buses are from Pittsburgh, PA.


10 thoughts on “I Have a Long Memory

  1. If every person in those buses would use their own car instead, the total amount of exhaust would probably be larger, so you should forgive them 🙂

  2. I think they’re trying to exercise or extend our brain power with the numbering system. Most are two or three digits, but then they throw more. Surprisingly it’s not hard to remember them.
    I think of when I worked in a bank and we had many codes (this was the 1980’s) for transactions, all four or five digits, and we tossed them around with no problem, our own little lingo.

  3. I’ll tell you a book I have always enjoyed that is partially written in an incomprehensible (to me) language – that of sailing a ship in the 1830’s. – Two Years Before the Mast by Richard Henry Dana. I thoroughly enjoyed the story of such a way of life that has disappeared and the descriptions of sailing the ship and the vocabulary were like magic incantations.

  4. I enjoyed the story and for some reason I really liked the “seafaring” descriptions just for the arrangement of the words, even when I had no idea what it meant, exactly.

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