Another Poetry Book?

Yes, it’s true. I finished the third book of the four I have planned for this year – this one focuses on summer and is called Catch Up With Summer.

You know by now that these volumes are the results of my Poetry Marathons – I’ve done three of them this year. What began as a way to fight back against my fear of cold and winter has taken on a life of its own, because I liked it so much! Summer’s marathon was held the last week of July and I chronicled it with a post for each of the five sessions, just as I have done for the previous Marathons. At this point, rather than listing a lot of links, if you want to read more about any of this, search under the term “Poetry Marathon” – I think it would work better that way.

Anyway, here is the latest book. I am so happy to have words in print like this, and I really enjoy the whole Marathon process – writing the poems, going to different locations to write, editing, and setting up the book. It’s really a privilege to be able to do this work.

The next Marathon is set for the end of October. After that, I’ll have to decide what I’ll do for special poetry outbreaks – I really like the “special event” type of feeling I get from doing them.

You can order the book (or any of the earlier ones) from Amazon, or you can contact me ( and I can send you one.

Thanks as always to everyone who supports my writing here on this blog.


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