I Had the Right Idea

A Twenty Minutes poem.

I Had the Right Idea

Five big cookies, one for each of us,
right after dinner
after slogging through the
fish sticks scraped off the pan
peas and carrots straight from the freezer
burned potatoes, goes without saying
and applesauce, smaller servings than usual because
the jar was almost empty.
Those cookies.
Each one of us munching
the thick red and white icing
the sugary buttery taste
coming through good and strong
with each bite
Each one of us feeling solid satisfaction
of a well-earned reward
after all the hard work we’ve put in
just getting to dessert.

Clay Tile - Family of Three at the Dinner Table 2012 small


7 thoughts on “I Had the Right Idea

  1. This is wonderful, I love the art and poem. My young granddaughter can’t wait to get through dinner for the dessert at the end. I’ll share this with my daughter. 😀

  2. A friend’s family inspired this poem. I took them cookies one day and they were going to wait for after dinner to eat them. For some reason that made me think of my own childhood dinners. I exaggerate some in the poem. But dessert was always better than the dinner…

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