Twenty Minutes of Hard Thinking and Then This Is What I Got

Last fall, I tried out something – taking twenty minutes, more or less, and just writing whatever poetry-like words came to my mind. I really liked doing it and now you may understand better why the Poetry Marathon idea has been so appealing to me. I like the feeling of letting my thoughts flow out without restricting or judging them.

That’s not to say that was the end of it. I saved all the restrictions and judging and word choice and all that for later on, instead, in the editing of all this self-expression.

Print small

To my surprise I ended up with quite a number of poems – as much as a Poetry Marathon produces, about 100+ of them, over the course of a few months. I posted some of them during National Poetry Month in the spring. Now that it’s fall, it seems a good time to resume the practice. Many of them seem to have autumn themes and so I thought it seemed appropriate.

12th Street and Clock idea small

So, be ready for the stream of Twenty Minutes Poems to begin again. Very soon. Almost immediately!  I will mention the Twenty Minutes affiliation at the beginning of each post as a reminder and I’ll categorize them that way, too, so that they will be easy to find (and if you want to read the ones already posted earlier this year, they are under the same category).

Thanks, everyone. I so appreciate your attention to my work.


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