I feel it inside

An artist book – images first and then the poetry text at the bottom.

Claudia McGill and Her Art World

Here’s another little artist book. I made it back in the spring. I think I have another one to post from that time, and then I’ll be caught up – don’t know why I’ve let these photos languish in my holding bin.

When I make these little books, I usually have a group of them going at once, and I work on one, then another, a page at a time. I do it this way because the glue or paint or whatever has to dry on one page spread before I can go on to another one, so it makes sense to have several to work on at once.

I created the images with no idea what the text will be or even how the images will relate to one another. I like the serendipity and the formlessness of this approach for its utterly relaxing and undemanding lack of prescribed…

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