A Few More Snippets – August 2015

I’m dribbling them out a bit as I get them scanned! Here are a few more snippets.

They are ATC sized, 2.5″ x 3.5″, and on backgrounds I painted on discarded cardboard, mostly cereal boxes and that kind of thing.


23 thoughts on “A Few More Snippets – August 2015

  1. You know, I think all these snippets come together because of some thought or direction in my mind, unconscious or conscious, because I have felt this way about some people in my life! But overall, I would say they all represent just an aspect of my thinking, not the whole, and lots of times they veer off into fantasy or a story I construct! It’s impossible to read too much into them as to what I think, I’d rather the reader apply them to him or herself.

  2. …and I think I’m going to steal your found poem idea to put on my junk mail art, having already stolen that. The words I collect are from magazines, so should be a different kind of poetry.

  3. I was trying to decide which one is my favorite (I do like them all!) – but I think I settled on the “shadows stood in a neat row…” The combination of the texture, color, and words really grabbed me. These are inspiring me to get back into creating some mail art! Thank you!

  4. You’re welcome. I really enjoy hearing which ones appeal to people -everyone seems to like a different one, which pleases me. I’m thinking of collecting my favorites into a book (a la my poetry books, I’ve got the self-publishing bug, don’t I?). I think it’d be fun to see what would develop from a an array of them together…

  5. I hope you do publish them as a book – I pictured them as one of those postcard sized books! I admit, though, I have a super soft spot for postcards (and postcard books). πŸ˜€

    I have been enjoying your books – thank you again! I plan to write you a longer note about them soon (I read poetry books molasses slow, since I go one poem at a time with lots of contemplation).

  6. Yes, that’s how I saw them, too, a small book, like a little keepsake kind of thing.

    I appreciate your attention to my poetry. I read it the same way. One at a time. Sometimes even just part of one if it is long. Your mind gets to skipping along and outpacing the understanding, I find, if you read too many at once. Or at least for me. I know you love poetry and so it makes me feel good that you are taking such time with mine.

  7. Thank you. The marriage one, yes, I have felt that way myself over the years, too! Sometimes in an impatient with my husband way and sometimes thankful for the lasting potential of the relationship. The words in this snippet seemed to leap together almost of their own accord.!

  8. I just looked at your blog and I thought I’d mention that I live in a suburb of Philadelphia – a nice coincidence – and I’ll enjoy your blogs, I know. A belated welcome to PA.

  9. Ha! That’s great. Maybe you can give me some advice of places to visit and things to do from time to time. Expert advice is always welcome. I have lived here almost two years now and I have barely scratched the surface of the immediate area.

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