Awfully Big White Flowers

Another housecleaning poem. This is the last one that I’ve dug out of my archives. Now there are others waiting that I’ve written since I set up these “housecleaning” posts. Well, that’s good, I think – I’m happy to be writing.

These are the white flowers that inspired this poem - Lorimer Park rail trail, Abington, PA.

These are the white flowers that inspired this poem – Lorimer Park rail trail, Abington, PA, in July, 2015.

Awfully Big White Flowers

What is it
one woman says,
bending and peering into the face of
the huge white flower,
sticking her nose inside it.
Blooms the size of dinner plates,
says the other woman.
It’s not a native plant,
says the first woman,
Of course not,
says the second one,
hands on her hips.
Someone’s planted it here.
and it doesn’t have any kind of smell to it,
agrees the first woman,
backing up
retrieving her nose
sneezing off the pollen she has appropriated
oblivious to this hint that she has intruded
a little too closely
into the personal affairs
of the white flowers
along the fence.

White Moon Flowers - mosaic small

“White Moon Flowers” – mosaic, about 4 feet tall.


6 thoughts on “Awfully Big White Flowers

  1. Lovely Claudia! I personally love working in mosaic (sadly, my hands don’t handle the tile nipper too well anymore) and I fully appreciate the work that goes into them….especially so when it comes to expressing movement which you captured here!

  2. Thank you. These flowers really caught my attention especially since they are at the beginning of the trail. It’s funny how the mosaic flowers resemble them – I did the mosaic in about 2003!

  3. Thank you. This piece is about 12 years old – I made it to go in our hall and it’s still there today. I don’t do any mosaic anymore for the same reason – it got too difficult for my hands. I recently gave away all my supplies because of this. I made all kinds of things with mosaics, though, for some time. It is a different way to create images and really challenging, I think.

  4. I still have my supplies, in neat little boxes…that will stay where they are until I’ve totally given up hope—-that I could find someone who would sit and nip those tiles into odd pieces….hahhaha. Perhaps a new experience for grandchildren…hum. I made several table tops of which I have two, but my favorites were recipe boxes made from cigar box supports!

  5. Yes, I finally realized that I was never going to be able to do it, so I donated them and now I can feel better someone is getting a good time out of them. I mostly made things to hang on the wall, a couple of tables, too.

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