Another housecleaning poem.


The boss’s pen
struts across the page
It writes the words that count.
Those strong and solid sentences.
Those lists of tasks and strategies
crafted in the conversations of a business nature
that speed across the desk back and forth
every day.
All of them are
recorded and ordered by
the boss’s pen
the one
plucked at random from the supply room shelf.
Who says
no one gets discovered any more?
Surely it will be your turn

“Celebrity Sighting”


4 thoughts on “Hoping

  1. I’ve exhibited and sold various art for maybe twenty years in shows and fairs and so on, sometimes galleries. I did try etsy for a while but I hated all the computery stuff and honestly, I could sell pretty much what I wanted to make already, so I quit. The Celebrity Sighting is an old one, I think I sold it maybe 8 years ago or maybe more? I did love her, I admit. Thanks for your very nice compliments!

  2. I used to keep records but I stopped as it had gotten to be too many. Sometimes I wonder, too, where my art work has gone. I’ve kept some pieces for my son and I have friends with a lot of my work, but most of it is scattered – who knows? I focus on making it and then, well, it gets its own life and goes on, I guess.

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