Summer Poetry Marathon Day #5

Today I decided to return to a spot where I worked in the first Marathon in January, the library at Arcadia University. It’s less than a mile from my house, so I decided to walk. The weather is still hot and sunny but less humid, and so it was a pleasant trip.

Landman Library small 7-31-15

I set myself up in the upstairs reading room. At this time of year, the library is very quiet, and most of the time, I was by myself. It’s a really comfortable, sun-filled space, and I couldn’t have asked for an environment more conducive for work.

Today is the last day of the summer marathon. I have found it to have its own personality, just as the earlier ones did. I can see that I am mentally still recovering from the disruption accompanying my eye surgeries in June. I felt a bit scattered in my writing. But, I also think that this waywardness might have been a benefit, too, in how ideas occurred to me or played out. Well, I’ll see when I review my work, won’t I?

My next step is to wait a week, as I did with the earlier Marathons, and then review and edit my work. From experience I know that it takes some weeks to do this. So I hope to have the summer poetry book finished in mid-September, and the next (and final) Poetry Marathon will be at the end of October.

Thanks for accompanying me on this journey.

Here is today’s information:

20 poems

1875 words

Here is my favorite poem from today.


The yellow-pink sun comes through the window
staining our faces with a healthy glow we don’t have
spending our days under fluorescent lights
as we do. Sitting on the train as the sun comes up
is a high percentage of our daily exposure
to what is called nature. We get to the city soon enough.
Stumble out onto the street.
By then the sun is full strength white light.
The office is dark after outdoors and it stays that way.
We sit at our desks and take very few steps all day.
Our faces dim.
When we go out in the evening the light
is blue in the shadows of the buildings.
Our faces are faded, diminished.
By the time we get home we are gray.


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